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Quantum Light Lamp
Quantum Light Lamp
Quantum Light Lamp
Quantum Light Lamp
Quantum Light Lamp
Quantum Light Lamp

Quantum Light Lamp

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This is our Quantum Light Lamp modular wall light.

This design allows the user to effectively slide where they want or need light, turning the wall into a canvas and using their hands as a brush. The combination of modularity and lighting control is equivalent to a product that can be completely customized by the user. This product offers opportunities for lighting solutions specific to each environment.

The product consists of a number of plastic hexagons that can be joined together by magnets and interlocking patterns to form a touch screen wall light. The magnets that make up the physical connection between the components also allow current to flow from one to the other.

The basic idea of the product is to allow users to convert the internal architecture of the space into a light source. It gives the user the possibility to illuminate the path they touch by simply sliding the surface of the wall. Turn the interior building into a canvas and let the user use the hand as a brush.


Connect the tiles together using the magnetic edges and turn your wall into a work of art.

Wherever it's placed, the HexLight provides a functional and aesthetic diffused light source with a tactile experience.

There's no limit to the possibilities...

Here's how it works...




  • Adjustable brightness. Need a little more or less light? You got it. Turn the tiles on and off individually so you get the brightness level you’re looking for.
  • Touch sensor. Each tile has a proximity sensor that detects the distance of your body, as you come into contact with the tile. Just touch the lights with any part of your body to turn them on or off. 
  • Eco-friendly. They don’t suck up a lot of power, so they won’t hurt the environment. Use them without feeling guilty.
  • Sticky pads or nails. Take your pick how you want to hang them, we give you both options. Holes are ready to go in the back of the lights, and sticky pads are included.



How do the modules attach to the wall? 

The hexagon modules can be attached to the wall by either using the sticky pads provided in the starter pack or using the holes on the back of each module to hook onto nails. (check instructions for more information)


What is the power consumption per module? 

The power consumption per module is 0.7W.


What is the color temperature of the light?

The lighting temperature of the LED illumination is 3200k.


How many lumens per module?

Each module produces 80 lumens.


How do they turn on/off?

Each module has a proximity sensor that detects the distance of your body, as you come into contact with the module it will toggle on/off. You can use any body part or other conductive materials!


How many modules can be attached to one power supply?

We suggest a maximum amount of 65 modules run off of one power supply.


What are the dimensions of each module?

The widest part of each module (corner to corner) measures 115mm. 


How are the modules powered? 

Each module connects via magnetic edges, the power transfers through each module through metal pins protruding from each edge. (They are not battery powered)


What is the length of the cable?

The power cable supplied in the starter pack is 2 meters in length.


Are the modules RGB? 

No. The lighting color is warm white and is not changeable.


Is the app connected / smart enabled?

No. The modules require tactile and physical interaction.

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